Airy Adventure For Adults And Kids

With Rirock

Come and fly tandem flights with Rirock!

As long as wind conditions allow it.

For those who have already tried paragliding and want to repeat or want more than just the basic flight.

The Start

At the take-off place, the passenger is supplied with a harness and a helmet. The pilot will explain the task of the passenger and the exact procedure.

The Flight

Once in the air, the passenger can sit back and enjoy the beautiful view as the pilot is handling the rest. The speed is around 40km/h with a sinking of 1m/sec.

The Landing

It is a very soft and uncomplicated landing. A few steps can be done to finish in the standing position. The pilot will prepare the passenger early enough for it.

Nis, Serbia

Below you unfolds a colored tapestry of agricultural fields. Due to the current, you go higher and higher. This is what it feels like to go paragliding in Nis.

Interlaken in Switzerland

Glacier-fed lakes and capped by snowy mountains, Interlaken is the gateway to Switzerland’s famous paragliding spot.

Pokhara Valley, Nepal

With the adorable view of the world’s tallest mountains, paragliding in Nepal’s Pokhara Valley is one of the best options.

Guiding Notes

Become Skilful Not Lucky

Let’s begin with glider preparation and inflation.
Without good preparation, any launch will probably be down to more luck than skill.

Safety Is Priority

The #1 factor is affecting your safety is attitude: decide to fly safely above all other priorities, decide to land safely from every flight.

Joao Carey,
Professional Instructor