Guidelines To Know For Paragliding Safety

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Guidelines To Know For Paragliding Safety

As you probably know, paragliding is an exciting sport that everybody can enjoy! Although it is extremely sure, even more than driving a car, it could involve some risks due to the fact that it involves flying through the air. This means hundreds or thousands of meters above the ground, and that is the reason why taking some steps to ensure your safety is a must.

Actually, paragliding in Tenerife is an activity really easy to learn. Nevertheless, one of the most dangerous aspects of paragliding is the period just after someone starts to feel comfortable in the air.

On the one hand, when you are learning to paraglide, it is quite probable that you will be extremely careful and that you even have a feeling of vulnerability. On the other hand, if you have already gone through the paragliding training to become a pilot and you have already gone out to fly by yourself, it can be pretty easy to develop a false sense of security.

It is very easy to take safety less seriously and make mistakes at the moment when you start to feel confident. Down below, you will find some paragliding safety tips geared towards everyone — from beginners to the most experienced paragliding pilots.


Paragliding preparation is the key. You must bear in mind that errors occur, even to experienced pilots. However, you have to maintain respect for flying, together with a constant feeling of susceptibility. Moreover, you must prepare yourself properly both mentally and physically before your paragliding flight, because it is very important.

This paragliding safety tip also includes collecting an accurate weather forecast before your paragliding flight, as well as knowing the area very well.

You must also remember to check all paragliding equipment regularly and before every flight to make sure that it is up to proper working standards. If you have any doubt or question about the integrity of any piece of your paragliding equipment, or about the conditions in which you will be doing your flight, you better don’t take off.

We strongly recommend you to practice your paragliding techniques for both taking-off and landing too. When you are landing, you have to do so into the wind. It is important to practice your landing technique. We recommend you to concentrate your efforts on hitting the target, or at least, land as close as possible.

Furthermore, you must have a plan for the end of your flight before you have even begun. It must be a priority at every step of your flight to plan properly a safe approach to the landing zone. As we have said, you should avoid landing out of the landing zone, because if you do that, it will increase the probability of suffering a paragliding accident.

Practice makes perfection, and every effort has its reward so, believe us when we say that, once you reach the ground safely, you will be happy to have gone through all of those details before flying.


One of the biggest mistakes that people commonly make after they begin practicing paragliding frequently is to fall into a pattern of complacency. This sport is both relaxing and electrifying. This unique combination is responsible for many people enjoying this sport so much.

However, there are undoubtedly some risks that must be prevented and respected at every level of the flying experience. Please, make the proper preparations and we strongly recommend you to make use of our paragliding safety tips, so you can ensure your safety and enjoy a marvellous flight.